Crown Caps King - Kühlschrankmagnete mal anders

Crown-Caps King® is a young enterprise with a fresh idea. We make stylish fridge magnets out of new crown caps around the globe.

With our fridge magnets you can capture, collect, or give away your very special moments.

You have a variety of crown-cap-designs of several breweries and drink manufacturers to choose from. These companies support our idea with their crown caps - which you can assemble in a set of 6 as you like.

Just do your own thing - like us.

We are always on the hunt for new crown caps, so it's always worth having a look on our site or to visit us on our Facebook page, where we post every new crown cap.


Crown caps are our passion and because they attract us magically, we, the makers of Crown-Caps-King®, just made magnets out of them.

Our idea is to bring the most beautiful crown cap designs from all countries all over the world onto your fridges and thereby remind you of the unforgettable taste of a cool drink or just to make a cool eye-catcher for all ages out of your fridge with our fridge magnets.

Collectors of crown caps will always be able to find something as well, because we are always looking for new start-up breweries or drink producers, which are maybe not well-known yet. Via the info button on the respective crown cap you can get more information about all the breweries and drink manufacturers, in order to learn more about them.

Enjoy browsing through our products and giving them away as presents.
Crown-Caps-King's fridge magnet is made of crown caps in a handmade and environmentally friendly production process compressed with a strong ferrite magnet and then refined with a high-quality needle-felting. That way you can slide the finished fridge magnet across any magnetic surface without worries without any damage. The high magnetic power of our fridge magnets keeps your special moments on the spot.

The very special fridge magnet.
Crown-Caps-King's crown caps are purchased from different breweries and drink manufacturers around the world and they are chosen by thorough research, because we want to offer you only the very special designs in our product range.

We only process new crown caps which we obtain directly from the breweries and drink manufacturers, in order to be able to supply you with crown caps without traces of usage like bumps or dents. A felt button is attached to the magnet. That way you can slide our crown caps easily across refrigerators or other magnetic surfaces.

No scratches, lots of fun.
Fridge magnets by Crown-Caps-King® are especially suited as a great present and they are a very special present for every occasion. You will be able to find something for all ages in the vast range of fridge magnets. Our fridge magnets are delivered in a nice gift wrapping, perfectly suitable to be given away right away or to enjoy yourself.

Our business partners use our magnets for example as freebies or merchandising items for their customers. The perfect idea for the special present and for every occasion!

Our advice: give someone a set of crown cap magnets, even yourself.
The design of Crown-Caps-King's® fridge magnets is simply extraordinary and unique because of the distinct crown caps and the high-quality processing. Our fancy fridge magnets are a great alternative for design fans to capture very special moments. A perfectly aligned distance from crown cap to subsurface and the high-quality processing turn Crown-Caps-King's fridge magnets into a great eye-catcher on every fridge, whiteboard or any magnetic subsurface. The crown caps magnets are delivered in a set of six with gift wrapping in a plain design.

Great design - simply a must-have for every design fan.